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A New Adventure Begins!

Wow, I can't believe how fast the farm has grown since the summer of 2014! That was the year that Jesse and I moved back home to live on his family farm and become cattle farmers.

At that time, his mom and dad had roughly a dozen Hereford cows and a Hereford bull in a single herd. Every animal looked very different from the next as there was a lot of genetic diversity. Since 2014, we have grown to over 50 cows and 3 bulls spread across three different herds, not including our replacement heifers and a yearling bull to put with them! And our herds have grown in performance and looks as well! While we still know every individual animal, they look more and more uniform with every year.

In 2016, we officially became Weber Rose Farms LLC. Up until now, we have been selling registered Hereford bulls and occasionally a cow or two. This has been enough to allow us to grow to the point where we are now. But we are ready for our next adventure as small business owners. That adventure is expanding into selling freezer beef out of a retail location that is on the farm!

This blog will be updated based on an "I need to tell you all about this thing that happened!" timeline and not so much on a strict schedule. I hope you all enjoy some of the crazy tales I'm sure will be shared!

- Jennifer

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