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Bulls for Sale

For additional information or to schedule time to stop by the farm, please call or text Jesse Rose at 234-281-1538

All 2022 bulls are sold! Thank you to all of our buyers for your continued support!

2023 bulls are being weaned currently and will be available soon!

Sired by /S Red Bull 44588

WRF 44588 Ohiyo Red 290K (P44331016) - Born 12/11/21  Sold

WRF 44588 Ohiyo Red 299K (P44338873) - Born 12/27/21  Sold

WRF 44588 Ohiyo Red 300K (P44338874) - Born 12/30/21  Sold

WRF 44588 Ohiyo Red 301K (P44338879) - Born 1/1/22      Sold

WRF 44588 Ohiyo Red 309K (P44338907) - Born 1/12/22    Sold

WRF 44588 Ohiyo Red 310K (P44338911) - Born 1/16/22    Sold

Sired by WRF 64D Tomahawk 117F

WRF 117F Tomahawk 294K (P44331020) - Born 12/18/21   Sold

WRF 117F Tomahawk 298K (P44338870) - Born 12/25/21   Sold

WRF 117F Tomahawk 305K (P44338894) - Born 1/10/22     Sold

WRF 117F Tomahawk 308K (P44338905) - Born 1/12/22     Sold

Sired by F WRF Final Test 911

WRF 911 Final Test 315K (P44340087) - Born 2/1/22     Sold

WRF 911 Final Test 318K (P44340125) - Born 2/4/22     Sold

WRF 911 Final Test 323K (P44340134) - Born 2/11/22   Sold

Sired by KCF Bennett Sensation B711 ET

WRF B711 Sensation 331K (P44340203) - Born 3/5/22   Sold

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