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Meet the Farmers

Welcome to the Family!

Gary Rose

Gary Rose was born in 1953 and is proud to be fulfilling his childhood dream of being a farmer. His mechanical knowledge helps him immensely in his farm maintenance role. He is responsible for tractor duties (including, but certainly not limited to, brush hogging, setting out hay bales in the winter, and digging holes and drainage ditches), maintaining lanes into fields to reduce soil impact, log removal from downed trees, and reducing overgrowth of invasive weeds and other plants through targeted spraying

Kay Rose

Kay Rose, born in 1956, is a fifth generation farmer at Weber Rose farms and is dedicated to preserving the farmland that has been passed down from her ancestors so that future generations may continue to enjoy it. She is the head of animal health and is responsible for researching, planning vaccination protocol to maximize efficacy, keeping the timelines of regular medications such as dewormers and fly control, and acting as the farm’s main point of contact with the veterinarian. She maintains registration records for all of the farm’s registered animals and provides birth and weaning information to the American Hereford Association, and she is the primary feeder of all mature cow herds during the winter and is responsible for feeding out steers prior to butchering. In addition to her animal health duties, she also maintains financial records and handles annual accounting records, and she helps combat invasive and toxic weeds by pulling those that cannot be sprayed.

Jesse Rose

Born in 1989, Jesse Rose is a sixth generation farmer at Weber Rose Farms. For him, farming is about being in charge of his own destiny. He is both the “brains” and the “brawn” of the operation, and is involved in almost every aspect of the farm at some point or another. He is responsible for genetic research to determine the right individuals to bring to the farm to further improve the breed, as well as determining the best placement within the individual mature cow herds for the best breeding outcomes. He designs and builds the handling facilities to minimize animal stress while maximizing efficiency, allowing the farm to work the animals more safely when necessary to ensure their continued health. He is responsible for individual cattle sales (including bulls, heifers, cows, and pairs) as well as planning and strategizing for further business growth.

Jennifer Rose

Jennifer Rose was born in 1991 and enjoys the satisfaction of a job well done, as well as a closeness with animals and the outdoors. She has always loved working with animals, as evidenced by her bachelor’s degree in biology and her summers working at the Wilds during her college years. She finished her Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) degree in December 2021 to allow her to be better prepared for business growth. She is responsible for Weber Rose Farms’ marketing, advertising, and community involvement, and creating and updating social media accounts. She is the primary feeder of yearlings (bulls, steers, and heifers) during winter and is the caretaker of calves who need to be bottle-fed due to rejection or negative birthing outcomes. Jennifer is also in charge of the farm’s freezer beef sales.


Born in 2017, Bisket is the true unsung (unhowled?) hero that ties Weber Rose Farms together. She is dedicated to farming because she loves to be outside, and her high energy capacity makes running and playing two of her favorite activities. However, don’t let her playful nature fool you; Bisket knows that farm work isn’t all fun and games. She is a daily chore champion, supervising the humans to make sure that they are keeping up with all of their responsibilities. As head of security against strange wildlife, it is her job to keep the herd safe from wild beasts, including the most fearsome squirrels and scariest bunnies. She also helps maintain the hygiene of the herds by keeping the bottle calves’ faces clean. Her other skills include chasing tennis balls, observing the behaviors of her feline siblings, and being an all-around Certified Good Dog.

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