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Freezer Beef

Weber Rose Farms LLC is a proud provider of top-quality beef to your table from our farm. We provide quality beef that you can feel good feeding to your family. We do everything local and do not rely on transportation chains that can be readily disrupted. You can even drive past the farm and see where the animals are raised; on lush green pastures being supplemented by high quality hay and forage-based feeds. And like we say, “There’s nothing like home grown Hereford.”

What Our Customers Are Saying

"My roasts have never tasted so good." - Judy

Blade - $5.00/lb

Chuck Arm - $7.00/lb

Tip - $7.00/lb

Rump - $8.00/lb

Cube - $8.00/lb

Round - $7.00/lb

Sirloin - $9.00/lb

T-Bone - $11.50/lb

Ribeye - $16.00/lb

Porterhouse - $14.00/lb

Tenderloin (Filet) - $19.00/lb

Chuck - $7.00/lb

Flank - $11.00/lb

Steak - $10.00/lb

Strip - $14.50/lb

Liver - $5.00/lb

Heart - $5.00/lb

Tongue - $5.00/lb

Oxtail - $5.00/lb

Soup Bones - $3.00/lb


Hamburger - $4.50/lb

Burger Patties - $5.00/lb

Hot Dogs - $5.00/lb

Stew Meat - $6.50/lb

Whole Brisket - $6.00/lb

Half Brisket - $6.00/lb

Short Ribs - $5.50/lb

Flanken Cut Ribs - $5.50/lb

*Pricing updated on April 1st, 2024.

Subject to change.

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